Raise your hand if you need some SEO tips 👋

Just like Social Media, there’s always something to learn. You are never done and I think that is something that’s often misconstrued.

The first thing I want to tell you about SEO is that there are two ways to work on it.

There is Off-Site SEO and there is On-Site SEO. Both are important and both take consistent work.

Sooo, what’s the difference?

On-Site SEO is what you do on your actual website to help Search Engines find you. You have a lot more control over On-Site SEO than you do with Off-Site. Some examples are creating quality content and verbiage, indexing your website, adding external links, images, quality website titles and descriptions.

Off-Site (AKA Off-Page) SEO is where others are sharing your website, also known as link building. You know how I featured a bunch of businesses on my “Small Business Gift Guide?” well, anyone who had a website, I linked to them and that helps with not only my SEO, but theirs as well. Getting others to talk about you is great and very helpful for your SEO!

More to come on how to improve your SEO!