Please stop the madness 🛑

Stop the clutter. Let me tell you about my friend called WHITE SPACE (aka negative space). Sometimes it’s scary, but I promise white space is a beautiful and elegant thing.

What is “White Space?” It’s the blank area around your design. It allows your message to stand out, breathe and helps your viewers grasp your message very clearly without feeling overwhelmed. .
Let me be clear, white space is not always white, which is why a lot of times people use the term “negative space.” It’s simply just empty space on your design. Your empty space can be white, blue, red, etc!

Why is White Space important? I have two answers!

First, White Space makes your message clear. If you have a call to action, it will stand out. If you have an offer, they will see it. White space draws the eyes into the big picture!

That being said, your viewers are more likely to respond, reply, like, comment, click, etc. Why? Because if you make it easy for your customers/clients to read, they won’t skip over it.