So… you need a logo?

Or maybe you have one? 👂

Either way, listen up!

I have seen some seriously good logos that make me sit there in awe… I am thinking of one in particular that literally floors me every time I see it. On the flip side, I have seen some scary logos… I will leave it at that. 🤯

If you are wondering what the difference is, you are in luck as I am about to break it down for you below 👇

📢A good logo will…..

#1Speak to it’s target audience! Who are you selling to? What do they like and what story should your brand tell? 💭 It’s not just about you my friends and you would not believe the amount of time us designers spend researching target audiences to make a brand perfect for our client’s IDEAL CUSTOMER!.

#2 Have a great font. This is probably one of the most tedious tasks for me. 📖 I spend hours and hours researching and downloading fonts to find the perfect match. 🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️ For the love of all things, please stay away from fonts such as Comic Sans, Lobster, Zapfino, Papyrus, and Bradley Type ( to name a few).

#3 Colors are part of your story so pick good ones! 🌈 Did you know that colors have meaning? Green represents growth, health and peace… do you see why I picked it? Blue shows trust. Red is bold and exciting. Orange stands for confidence. Google it guys and don’t just pull colors out of your behind! 🍑

#4 KEEP IT SIMPLE! 😀 I can not stress this tip enough. Too many fonts, too many colors, too many pictures/details. It’s a bad idea for hundreds of reasons… printing, confusing your audience, and most importantly, it represents chaos.