How to review your concepts: So your vague ideas have been turned into actual concepts and now you are thinking… NOW WHAT?! This all may seem a little overwhelming and exciting! Don’t worry this is a normal reaction and I want to share with you how to evaluate your drafts and turn them into exactly what you love and wanted.

Right Off the Bat: What stands out to you? If there is one that makes you say “That’s It!” then that’s great! If you didn’t have that reaction don’t worry, we will work towards that with the following steps.- On the flip side, if you have one that you strongly dislike, that’s okay to! We can eliminate that concept all together.

Digging Deeper: Tell me what you like or dislike about any or all of the concepts.  Here’s an example… I like the main font and colors of #2 and I like the sub-font of #1 and I really like the graphic from #3. With that, I can combined exactly what you like and create the logo you are looking for. This is exactly why I like to do 3 concepts for clients.- Digging deeper can also look like… I like colors from #3, but can you make them a little bit darker. Or, I’m really not feeling these fonts. Can we try something else? Or, I love graphic #1, but can we make it a little more rustic/clean/edgy… these are just some examples.