It’s a new year, which means it’s time to Audit your website!

If you haven’t looked over your website in a reallllllllly long time, or dare I say, since you’ve launched it, please pay attention! I have a good check list for you!

Here are some ideas on what to look for when you audit your website:
• Is your content up to date?
• Are your links broken?
• Is there anything that needs to be deleted or updated?• Are your photos up to par?
• Is your content good?
• Are your services/prices accurate?
• Does your contact form work?
• Do you have your COVID hours / policies up to date?
• Is your site Mobile Friendly *MOST IMPORTANT!*

Please take a moment to review your online presence. Clean it up as if it were your storefront! 

Make it fresh and exciting. Then, I challenge you to post about it on Social Media to let your followers know of your changes. Watch your website click soar! It’s a win/win!