Being in Nature is so good for me and sometimes I need a little kick in the butt to go outside in the winter.  Friends, I am not meant for NJ winters (or Fall).  I prefer HOT summer days in my garden – humidity and all!

My husband forced me out for a walk yesterday and dang it, I am so glad he did (don’t tell him I said this)!  I was pouting for probably the first 100 yards of the walk.  Then my kids started seeing things and my husband started showing them types of trees and I forgot that I was cold for a minute.

We saw huge pinecones, birds, deer trails, a little too much dog poop, and my kids were telling us tree species.  GUYS! My kids know multiple tree species and it makes me so proud!! We didn’t walk the whole trail, but we had a blast and I was suddenly inspired and ready to cook a hearty meal for this little family that I LOVE more than anything on this Earth.

We had Ground Venison defrosted, so I was excited to make stuffed Acorn Squash.  I shared my excitement with my husband about eating dinner at 4 PM (early dinners are something that just make me happy).

White Pine is my favorite tree to see in the Winter Woods of NJ!
I will be using it as part of my centerpiece for my Holiday Dinner Table!

We get home and we don’t have acorn.  No worries – I got this! I remembered on our walk that my son said “I WANT STEAK FOR DINNER!” So, Salisbury Steak was the best compromise! I flipped through my recipes and found my favorite one! Whipped up some egg noodles, broccoli to go with it and they ate it all up!

Sorry I forgot to take a picture, but I figured our pictures from our walk will do, sine that’s what inspired me anyways!

Here’s the link to my favorite Salisbury Steak Recipe.  I substitute Ground Venison for the Ground Beef!

PS: I also love to eat Salisbury Steak with Mac & Cheese or Scalloped Potatoes. IDK why cheese is so good with that gravy, but trust me when I say it works!